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You have requested access to the DMS Observation Validation Form.

Before downloading the information you have requested, you must review the following documents carefully and correctly answer the questions below.

Review these documents:


Select the correct answer from the list for each question.
  1. How many locations will I need to observe at in order to apply to the MTC DMS Program?

  2. A technologist signature must be recorded for each session of hours or they will not be considered valid.

  3. What is the minimum number of hours I must complete for my application to considered for the MTC DMS Program?

  4. Confidential information includes which of the following?

  5. It is okay to take pictures of patients or a patientís chart while on my observation experience.

  6. It is okay to tell my friends and family members who I saw today as a patient while on my observation experience as long as I donít share why they were there as a patient.

  7. I have read and understand the instructions regarding the completion and submission of my observation hours. I understand that failure to comply with these instructions may result in my observation hours not being accepted, therefore making my program application incomplete.

  8. I have read and understand the confidentiality (HIPAA law) rules as outlined on this site (and related documentation) and I agree to follow all regulations listed during my observation experience(s). I also understand that failure to comply with these regulations will result in my disqualification to apply to the MTC DMS Program or any Allied Health Program at MTC.