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Business Management
ASAP Online Program Application

Please complete this application to apply to the online program.

Click submit to send the application to the Business and IT Department.

You do NOT need to complete this form to take an online course.

This form should only be submitted if you want to apply to the Business Management ASAP Online Degree Program.

Marion Technical College’s Adult Student Accelerated Program (ASAP) offers students the opportunity to earn an associate degree by attending class just one time per week, taking one course at a time. Qualified working adults can carry a full-time course load while meeting only one night per week on campus. Classes are offered consecutively, vary in length, and do not follow the regular college quarter system. Classes meet for a single four-hour session once per week.

Student Expectations

Accelerated students are committing to a challenging program.

The program requires minimum classroom time, extensive online learning, and independent study.

Successful students in ASAP:

  • Make a personal commitment.
    Make personal sacrifices necessary to earn a degree.

  • Attend all classes.
    Arrive on time and remain through four-hours of class time.

  • Complete online coursework.
    Utilize an Internet-based course management system and email.

  • Complete assignments. 
    Spend approximately twenty hours per week in self-directed learning.

Admission Requirements

The ASAP is a limited enrollment program.

To be admitted, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete an Application for Admission (including $20 Application fee).

  • Complete the Adult Student Accelerated Program (ASAP) Application.

  • Document work experience (two years of full-time work experience required for Business Management ASAP).

  • Submit a commitment essay detailing personal goals for pursuing this program.

  • Provide official transcripts—minimum 2.5 GPA preferred(on a 4.00 scale or equivalent) from either high school or college.  

  • Complete the Basic Skills Assessment (COMPASS ) with placement into English Composition (ENG 1000), Business Math (BUS1100),and a college reading level - or - successfully complete any required foundation courses prior to beginning the accelerated program.

  • Pass the Technology Skills Test (TST) or completion of Computer Basics (OIS1200) prior to beginning the accelerated program.

Any ASAP applicant who needs foundation courses (reading, writing, math) based on COMPASS skills assessment, must successfully complete these courses before the ASAP begins.

Students are encouraged to take the required foundation courses during Spring Quarter.

  • Participate in an Adult Student Accelerated Program (ASAP) interview, which will be scheduled with applicants who have submitted the required criteria.

  • Students will be accepted into the ASAP on a first-come, first-served basis provided the student meets all the requirements. In the event that all seats are filled, students will be placed on a wait list and accepted for the next cohort.

Part 2: Personal Information

First Name

Former Name

Middle Name

Date of Birth

Last Name

Street Address

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Telephone Number

E-mail Address
List post-secondary schools attended, including Marion Technical College:
College Name

College Address

Attended from to Month/Year

College Name

College Address

Attended from to Month/Year
Document two years of full-time work experience; most recent first.

Employer Name

Employer Address

Employed from to Month/Year

Employer Name

Employer Address

Employed from to Month/Year

Employer Name

Employer Address

Employed from to Month/Year


Please email your Commitment Essay (2-3 paragraphs) to Vicki Weaver at outlining your goals for pursing this program:

  • Discuss your short-term and long-term career goals.

  • Discuss how you will manage the independent study that is required for this accelerated program.

I have access to a personal computer, Microsoft Office software, and an Internet connection.

I understand the expectations that will be required of me to succeed as an ASAP student.

Acknowledgment : By typing my name below, I certify that I have read and understand the requirements to succeed in the Online Degree Program and I authorize the College to change my PDC to the Business Management ASAP Online Degree, if I am accepted into the program.

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