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Business Management/Office Information
Online Program Application

Please complete this application to apply to the online program, and click submit to send the application to the Business and IT Department. You do NOT need to complete this form to take an online course. This form should only be submitted if you want to apply to the Business Management Online Degree Program, Marketing Management Online Degree Program, Human Resource Management Online Program or the Office Information Online Degree Program.

Part 1: Online Learning Self – Assessment

Please review the following requirements for online learning.

Check the box if you agree with the statement. Leave the box unchecked if you want to discuss this topic with an academic advisor

I have regular access to a computer with a high speed Internet connection (cable or DSL).

I have regular access to a computer that runs Windows 7 or Windows 8 and has Microsoft Office 2013 for a PC software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), a WebCam, and a headset.
I have basic computing skills that enable me to operate a computer (saving files, creating folders, changing settings on my computer).

I have basic Internet skills that enable me to navigate to URLs, search for Web sites, and enter passwords.

I can send an email message and attach a file to the message.

I understand that I must use a computer several times a week to communicate with the instructor and other students in my courses.

I can express myself clearly through my writing, including e-mail. I understand online courses require proper use of English (grammar, spelling, punctuation).

I will be able to schedule time each week to provide timely responses to other students and/or the instructor.

I am self-motivated and can work independently to meet deadlines.

I am familiar with Web-based technology such as Web Video/Audio Conferencing (e.g. Skype), Instant Messaging, Facebook, and e-mail.

I can finish my class work on time even though there may be distractions (Example: television, children, life events, Facebook).

I will contact the MTC help desk if I have technical difficulties with the learning management or email systems.

I understand that I will have to access the online course site(s) several times per week to complete assignments.

I understand I need a backup plan if my computer is not working; for example, I will use the MTC open computer lab or other public computer labs (library, etc.) if needed.

I am college ready in Reading, English, Math, and technology, or am willing to take the necessary brush up courses in needed areas.

Part 2: Personal Information

First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth

Street Address



Zip code

Telephone Number

E-mail Address

Are you a new student to MTC? or

If yes, have you completed the MTC admission process? or

If you are a returning student, you do not need to complete the MTC Admission Process; however, you must complete MTC's Returning Student Reactivation form. Have you completed this form? or

Please Choose one:

Business Management Online Program

Marketing Management Online Program

Human Resource Management Online Program

Office Information Online Program

Acknowledgment : By typing my name below, I certify that I have read and understand the requirements to succeed in the Online Degree Program and I authorize the College to change my PDC to the Business Management Online Degree, Marketing Management Online Program, Human Resource Management Online Program, or Office Information Online Program if I am accepted into the program that I selected.

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