MTC Travel Abroad Scholarship Program 2019
Sponsored by OATYC

Application Requirements:

  1. A 2.5 or higher GPA
  2. Submissions Due: Sept. 26
  3. Completion of this application, including the submission of your scholarship essay:

Two (2) $500 Travel Scholarships will be awarded to Marion Technical College students attending the March 2020 London/Paris Spring Break Trip, courtesy of OATYC (The Ohio Association of Two-Year Colleges)

Scholarship Requirements Recipients must:

  1. Be currently enrolled at Marion Technical College
  2. Complete this application and submit the scholarship essay by Sept. 26th
  3. Attend the OATYC event on Oct. 11th to receive the scholarship award
  4. Reserve your trip by Sept. 29 at:

First Name:

Last Name:
Email Address:

Telephone Number:
Street Address:
Zip code :



Travel Scholarship Essay:

All applicants must submit a 150 – 250 word essay with three (3) goals addressing: “What do I expect from this experience?”
Explain the impact you believe this program would have on you during your path to degree completion, personal experiences, and where an earned degree from MTC may benefit from this.

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