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Scholarship Application

This application, along with the result of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid), shall determine your eligibility for most scholarships at Marion Technical College. These forms/applications must be on file at the MTC Financial Aid Office by May 1 to be considered for the scholarships listed in the College Catalog and/or Financial Aid Summary.

Please list your community, high school, and college activities/involvement, volunteer and work experience including titles and offices held.

Briefly describe any situation which you feel important in being considered for these scholarships (financial, personal, etc.). (Limit to no more than 500 words.)

By checking this box, I hereby release my photo and information to be used in any way to promote the college, scholarships and the Marion Technical College Foundation.

I certify that the information which I have provided is correct. Furthermore, I certify that I am not in default on any Title IV loan made for attendance at any institution and do not owe a refund on any Title IV grant received for attendance at any institution. If I am applying for a scholarship, I give my permission for the Financial Aid Office to review my academic record.

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Marion Technical College provides equal opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age,  military status, or sexual orientation.