MTC Education Equity Scholarship Application

Application Deadline July 1.

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  MTC Scholarship (GPA  2.5 or higher)

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Scholarship Application

This application, along with the result of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid), shall determine your eligibility for most scholarships at Marion Technical College. These forms/applications must be on file at the MTC Financial Aid Office by July 1 to be considered for the scholarships listed in the College Catalog and/or Financial Aid Summary.

Please list your community, high school, and college activities/involvement, volunteer and work experience including titles and offices held.

As a member of an underrepresented student population, briefly describe how pursuing a degree from MTC will be used to further the inclusion, diversity and equity initiatives of MTC and our community. (Limit to no more than 500 words.)

By checking this box, I hereby release my photo and information to be used in any way to promote the college, scholarships and the Marion Technical College Foundation.

I certify that the information which I have provided is correct. Furthermore, I certify that I am not in default on any Title IV loan made for attendance at any institution and do not owe a refund on any Title IV grant received for attendance at any institution. If I am applying for a scholarship, I give my permission for the Financial Aid Office to review my academic record.

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Marion Technical College provides equal opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age,  military status, or sexual orientation.